Irene on Council

Below is a list of all motions (Notices of Motion – NoM) Irene has moved in Council meetings and all questions that she has put to the Lord Mayor and CEO (Questions on Notice – QoN) since being elected in 2008.

16/5/2016 John Kaye NoM (also see here)

16/5/2016 Creation of new tree habitat QoN

16/5/2016 Refugee Passport QoN

11/4/2016 The Right to Protest NoM

11/4/2016 Safe Schools Program NoM

21/3/2016 Newtown Friday Night Vibes NoM

29/2/2016 Westconnex test drilling NoM

29/2/2016 Asylum Seekers in CoS QoN

29/2/2016 Social Housing Wellbeing and Safety Action Plan QoN

14/12/2015 No Business in Abuse NoM

14/12/2015 Sydney Park Tree Loss Westconnex QoN

23/11/2015 Charging for Public Lands NoM

23/11/2015 Woolloomooloo Men’s Shed QoN

23/11/2015 Feral Cat Management Program QoN

14/9/2015 Public Transport Transfers NoM

14/9/2015 Proposed Men’s Shed in Woolloomooloo QoN

14/9/2015 Westconnex St Peters Interchange QoN

10/8/2015 NSW Government Plan for Feral Cats NoM

10/8/2015 Statement Against Racism in Support of Adam Goodes NoM

10/8/2015 Affordable Housing in Ashmore Estate QoN

10/8/2015 Affordable Housing SEPP Exemptions QoN

29/6/2015 Public Schools Funding NoM

29/6/2015 Community Garden at 222 Palmer St QoN

29/6/2015 Sniffer Dogs QoN

18/5/2015 Greyhound Racing

27/4/2015 Advocacy for Millers Point Residents

27/5/2015 World Refugee Day and Refugee Support Services

27/5/2015 Street Art Policy

23/2/2015 Support for the Millers Point Community

23/2/2015 Update on Skate Parks QoN

8/12/2014 Home Care NSW NoM

8/12/2014 Local Government Super NoM

8/12/2014 Medicare Co-payment NoM

8/12/2014 Refugee Welcome Zone Update QoN

3/11/2014 Peppercorn Rents NoM

3/11/2014 Mandatory On-site Renewable Energy Programs NoM

3/11/2014 Local Government Tendering NoM

3/11/2014 Boarding House Investigation QoN

15/9/2014 Central to Eveleigh Urban Renewal Project NoM

15/9/2014 Park Clean Ups (Homelessness) QoN

15/9/2014 Affordable Housing QoN

15/9/2014 Political Websites QoN

15/9/2014 RSPCA QoN

25/8/2014 Medicare Co-payment NoM

28/7/2014 Refugee Welcome Zone NoM

28/7/2014 Graffiti Spaces

23/6/2014 Sunday Streets Program QON

23/6/2014 Federal Government Budget NOM

23/6/2014 Plain English on City developments NOM

12/5/2014 Fossil Fuel Divestment NOM

12/5/2014 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Employment QON

7/4/2014 Lunchtime Live Music

7/4/2014 Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement

9/12/2013 Liberty Swing for Pirrama Park NoM

18/11/2013 Pyrmont Community Centre QoN

18/11/2013 Revised Planning Bills NoM

18/11/2013 Coal Seam Gas and water supplies NoM

18/11/2013 Sunday Streets/Ciclovia NoM

21/10/2013 Local Government NSW NoM

21/10/2013 Redfern Community Centre QoN

21/10/2013 Community Centre Performance NoM

21/10/2013 Council open space QoN

21/10/2013 Universal Design NoM

21/10/2013 Climate Council NoM

16/9/2013 Aboriginal Heritage Office NoM

16/9/2013 Construction Certificates QoN

16/9/2013 Sustainable Procurement QoN

29/7/2013 Aboriginal cultural protocols NoM

29/7/2013 Taxi stopping zones NoM

29/7/2013 Sydney Park waterbird habitat NoM

29/7/2013 Reconciliation Park mural QoN

25/3/2013 Council amalgamations NoM

25/3/2013 Mascot Station Urban Activation Precinct QoN

25/2/2013 Planning White Paper consultation NoM

25/2/2013 Rushcutters Bay tennis courts new management QoN

25/2/2013 Boarding house inspections QoN

25/2/2013 Youth panel follow-up QoN

25/2/2013 Erskineville parking QoN

25/2/2013 Disability access follow-up QoN

10/12/2012 Housing panel NoM

10/12/2012 Precinct committees NoM

10/12/2012 Home environment care model NoM

10/12/2012 Bike blackspot app QoN

10/12/2012 Eveleigh railyards heritage QoN

10/12/2012 Dangerous dog declarations QoN

12/11/2012 Changes to Development Control Plans NoM

12/11/2012 Herbicide use QoN

12/11/2012 Green Square library design competition QoN

12/11/2012 Woolloomooloo men’s shed QoN

15/10/2012 Apartment Overcrowding QoN

15/10/2012 Progress of Caroline St Graffiti Space QoN

20/8/2012 Disability Access NoM

20/8/2012 Redfern Waterloo Heritage Taskforce NoM

20/8/2012 Youth Advisory Panel NoM

30/7/2012  Sustainable communities plan NoM

30/7/2012  Disability access QoN

30/7/2012  Footpath licence charges QoN

12/3/2012 Sydney Park brick kilns QoN

12/3/2012 Plastic bag reduction NoM

12/3/2012 Business voter electoral roll NoM

20/2/2011  Legal graffiti space for Caroline Street NoM

5/12/2011 Occupy Sydney City Forum QoN

7/11/2011 – Occupy Sydney NoM

22/8/2011 – e-waste recycling NoM

16/5/2011 – City investments from coal to renewables NoM

14/2/2011 – The Mabo Centre NoM

6/12/2010 – Science House NoM

6/12/2010 – Bridge for asylum seekers foundation NoM

15/11/2010 – Biodiversity study for Johnstons Creek NoM

13/9/2010 – Redfern Waterloo Authority briefing NoM

13/9/2010 – Native animal culls NoM

26/10/2010 – Gaming machines – NoM

21/6/2010 – Flying fox relocation NoM

10/5/2010 – Green corridor and urban fofrest of East Sydney NoM

10/5/2010 Barangaroo Skate Park NoM

9/12/2009 – Orphan School Creek NoM

23/11/2009 – No new coal fired power stations NoM

2/11/2009 – Solar panel access and shading NoM

31/8/2009 – National Parks NoM

10/08/2009 – Aged care standards NoM

10/08/2009 – Biodiversity officer NoM

6/7/2009 – Cycleway along Johnsons Creek canal QoN

11/5/2009 – Envirobank reverse vending machines NoM

23/2/2009 – Standard conditions of consent – guttering

15/12/2008 – Racial Discrimination Act NoM

15/12/2008 – River red gums NoM

24/11/2008 –Housing for everyone – NoM


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