media releases

Below is the full text of all media releases Irene has put out since 2010.

9/2/2016 Land & Housing Corporation locks out disabled gardener

25/1/2016 Expanded Inner City Housing critical to the success of Future Directions

18/1/2016 Target set for Sydney Park

15/12/2015 City says no to businesses who profit from abuse

10/11/2015 Barangaroo to charge for public land on NYE

22/5/2015 Greens Councillor backs call for Greyhound Racing Ban

23/2/2015 Dealers Policy a distraction from Govt failure on Housing

23/10/2014 State Government bludgeons Millers Point community again

26/8/2014 City votes to keep our wallets out of our healthcare

31/7/2014 Police evict tenants of 15yo student squat prior to hearing

29/7/2014 City signs up to another developer bonanza

29/5/2014 Residents’ homes being sold out from under them as EOI issued

7/4/2014 Bring back free live music to Martin Place

19/3/2014 Millers point housing sale not justified financially or socially

5/3/2014 Action to back up words on Biennale Transfield funding

12/2/2014 Significant improvements needed if Housing to run homeless programs

29/1/2014 Government must show its hand on Millers Point sell off

6/1/2014 Rallying to save universal healthcare

24/10/2013 Liberal Councillors mired in climate change denial

21/10/2013 Greens push for City to support Climate Council

2/10/2013 ‘Old Boys Club’ back in control of Local Government NSW

5/8/2013 Audit of public housing shows sell offs financially unsustainable

29/7/13 Red tape threatens Erskineville community garden

12/7/13 Better solutions to e-waste

19/2/13 Council action needed to ensure fair planning system for NSW

12/11/12  DCP changes remove community certainty

16/10/12 To costly naval celebration Greens say “stop the boats”

3/9/12  Greens outline support for LGBTIQ community

3/9/12 Greens welcome Living Sydney support for youth panel

31/8/12  Greens heritage policy launched

30/8/12  Liberals make misleading statements on trigen

27/8/12  Lift Redfern debate disappointing

16/8/2012 Fitzroy Gardens playground

30/7/2012  Greens win support for sustainable Chippendale plan

6/6/2012  Erskineville development has worrying implications for new planning laws

21/6/2012  ““Buy nothing new month” controversy completely overblown

15/6/2012  “Carbon tax” rent increases a shameful political stunt

14/6/2012  Precinct committees to improve public participation in Council

31/5/2012  Long delayed bat relocation to begin

27/4/2012  New laws legalise conflict of interest

22/3/2012 Lift Redfern Campaign Officially Launched

8/3/2012 O’Farrell transport takeover a meaningless overreaction

8/2/2012 City bandicoots under threat

3/2/2012 Occupy Sydney eviction

6/1/2012  Occupy Sydney intimidation and property seizures

31/8/2011 Potts Point cockatoo cull approved

23/6/2011  More cockatoos to be killed in Sydney

22/6/2011  Barangaroo review not so transparent

8/6/2011 Barangaroo work to push ahead regardless of review

30/5/2011 Council unwillingly to talk to banks about ethical investment

30/3/2011 Ashmore estate overdevelopment

24/3/2011 Getting action from Housing NSW like waiting for Godot

2/2/2011 St Andrews cathedral excludes protestors from Town Hall Square

2/2/2011 Rezoning under standard instrument comes at community peril

21/1/2011 Botanic gardens bat relocation begins again

19/1/2011 Coogee public housing in dire condition

17/1/2011 Government strips Council of authority over Barangaroo roads

23/12/2010 Fruit labelling con

6/12/2010 Squatters and better uses for vacant buildings

29/11/2010  ‘Glebe Affordable Housing Project’ a boon for developers but community let down.

8/11/2010 Wave of public support for cockatoos

4/11/2010 Joanna O’Dea upgrades better late than never

1/11/2010 Lessons from Nagoya on preserving biodiversity

8/10/2010 Cockatoo cull back on the agenda

6/10/2010 Rugby League Central at Moore Park a poor use of public land and money

15/09/2010 CBD Transport plan needs detail and negotiation

27/08/2010 Anger at cockatoo cull

13/08/2010 Green solutions to unsightly substations

13/08/2010 Alcohol free zones ineffective and discriminatory

5/08/2010 Cancelled M5 arterial road a victory for communities and common sense

28/07/2010 Council accepts motion for poker machine law reform

28/07/2010 Conservation groups take Gardens to court over bat relocation

12/07/2010 South Sydney Leagues Club case shows poker machines to be above the law

12/07/2010 Millers Point public housing sell of a cynical revenue grab

2/07/2010Postponement of flying fox relocation welcomed

30/06/2010 Leamington ave homes to be demolished to cover government mistakes

30/06/2010 Safety audit at troubled public housing estate a farce

24/06/2010 Keeping the Keeping Place

04/06/2010 Flying foxes, art and renewable energy

31/05/2010 Botanic Gardens Flying Fox Relocation

28/05/2010 Wrong mix in Glebe affordable housing project

13/05/2010 Barangaroo – third chance for CBD skate park

07/05/2010 Another suicide at Joanna O’Dea brings home message of safety concerns..

03/05/2010  Footprints for Peace

12/04/2010 Paddington residents furious at CoFA backflip.

19/03/2010 Housing for people not for profit – the sad case of Elizabeth St. Redfern

4/03/2010 Rushcutters Bay Tennis Centre

4/03/2010 South Sydney Leagues Club a bad sport when it comes to development

24/02/2010 Waterloo Green Neighbourhood Project – politics muddies the distribution of public housing funds

24/02/2010 Waterloo Green project highlights inequities in public housing funding

22/02/2010 affordable housing for former South Sydney Hospital site

3/02/2010 M5 East Expansion – disruptive, costly and not the answer


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