Lift Redfern

Redfern Railway station is one of the busiest in Australia, with around 40 000 people passing through it’s gates every weekday.  However despite this there are many people that live or work nearby who cannot use the station as it’s platforms are accessible only via steep staircases or escalators – there is no disabled access.

This means that the station is difficult to use for the frail elderly, potentially dangerous for parents with prams and entirely off limits to people who rely on wheelchairs to get around.  For an area with so many elderly people and people with disabilities this is entirely unacceptable.

Succesive governments have promised action on this since the 1990s but all that eventuates is a series of reviews and presentations that result in nothing being done.  The people of Redfern have had enough and have launched the Lift Redfern campaign in an attempt to get action.

In 2012 Lift Redfern, of which I am proud to be a part, gathered over 11 000 signatures on a petition calling for the necessary upgrades and as a result the matter was debated on the floor of state parliament in August.  However the response from politicians of both major parties was disappointing, with these access upgrades listed as only medium priority, meaning they will likely not happen for at least 5-10 years.

The community don’t think this is acceptable and are thus asking for anyone who agrees to sign the letter available at  I would urge anyone concerned about equitable access to our transport and services to sign the letter, send it to the Transport Minister and pass it on to their family and friends to do the same.


6 responses to “Lift Redfern

  1. I have 2 legs that are suffering from dystrophy ,not only are the steps steep they are narrow when you have people coming and going on the staircase. This is dangerous as I could easily be knocked over. That is why I cannot use the Redfern Station. They do need moving walkways like they have in the supermarkets and airports .Also a lift for wheelchair and parents with strollers. This should be standard for all stations especially when they have such volumes of traffic. The commuter should be getting something for his or her money and there are many dollars invested in this form of Transport. In other words Railways you have to give something back and show the commuters that you are on top of it all . Good Luck

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