barangaroo parklandThere are always challenges to heed whenever an area is targeted for growth. Barangaroo however, has received a steroid shot, fed by the solipsism of vested interests. Where a once prized public harbour space looked full of potential, we are dangerously close to losing our community voice under the thunderous hammers of construction.

Barangaroo is becoming a highly commercialised zone that is looming over our public space. This has been driven by the interests of gambling overlord, James Packer, who has been commissioned to build the hulking monstrosity known as the Crown Casino. Currently proposed to stand at a sun-blocking 71 stories, this will be a prominent feature in our globally recognised skyline. It appears all public concerns have been trumped by Packer’s festooning of banners, glorifying our city’s need for a 6-star concrete slab. We don’t need this; not at the expense of Barangaroo’s public space, heritage, history, vistas and aesthetics. Losing these revered community assets to a monstrous casino is the last thing that our city needs.

Now, the Star Casino is looking to butt heads with Packer, proposing a 200 metre tower to sit on the opposite shore side of Darling Harbour. Darling Harbour will be overlooked, head and tail, with a monumental social problem.

Equally concerning, it seems to be setting a precedence for taking public space out of public hands. Recently over New Years, what is usually reserved for free public space in Barangaroo, was blockaded for a ticketed event, charging a hefty $79 per family at Bradley’s Head.  Public ownership is being encroached upon through the unscrupulous commercial growth occurring at Barangaroo, and as always, it is the community who stand to lose the most.


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