About Me

My name is Irene Doutney.  I’m your Greens representative on City of Sydney Council, having first been elected in 2008 and re-elected in 2012.

My main aim on Council is to move our city in a more innovative and socially just direction, particularly in relation to the disadvantaged, the environment and the cohesion of our communities. A just and sustainable future and a city for everyone is my focus.

I am a resident of Sydney, born in Kings Cross – and am currently a public-housing tenant in Redfern. I have been active in my local community as a member of the management committee of the local community centre and the coordinating group of REDWatch, the local resident action group.

I have degrees in History and Fine Art and have worked in the theatre, museums and parliament.  The issues of biggest concern to me are:

*Housing – a fair go for public housing tenants and support for the homeless to get back on their feet.

*Communities in Control – ensuring that decisions made by Council reflect the will of the community through genuine participation by residents and businesses, rather than simply informing people once decisions have been made.

*Development – making sure that the excessive influence property developers have over both major political parties doesn’t result in inappropriate development within the City of Sydney.

*Biodiversity – protecting the amazing array of life that exists in our country, both in natural, wild places and in the highly modified landscapes of our urban environments.

*LGBTI – end the discrimination that sadly still pervades parts of our society today and make sure that we have a city for everyone, where people of all orientations feel safe anywhere they go.

*Aboriginal issues – ensuring that Aboriginal Australians have access to all the resources that the population of a wealthy nation like ours take for granted.

I’ll be using this website to keep the community informed about the goings on of Council and about the campaigns I’m involved in, and I welcome your feedback.

I can be contacted by email on idoutney@cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au or by phone on 9265 9812.

Warm Regards,

Irene Doutney.


9 responses to “About Me

  1. Hello Irene
    I am the creator of the Save Dharawal facebook page, and I am thrilled that you have just joined. Dharawal is one of those precious wild places just at Sydney’s southern edge, so valuable as a refuge for both biodiversity and for jaded urban weary people!

    BHP want to undermine it, and have quite arrogantly admitted that in the landscpae they will damage 47 streams and 55 swamps.

    I notice you are an inner city connection, fabulous! Please encourage your friends to think and talk about the issue of unsustainable coal mining, not just in terms of climate, but in terms of landscape and water catastrophy that inevitably follows.

    The BHP proposal in this case, known as the Bulli Seam Operation, will also undermine the drinking water catchments of Woronora and Cataract.

  2. Antony Waltho

    I just read the SMH article and I am so glad you didn’t resign. The Greens need you and our community needs people like you; people with real-world experience and not just experience as an accountant or solicitor!

    My own journey is a million light years away from your own but the demons of depression have haunted me a lifetime. Thank you for caring for your community.


    Antony Waltho
    Katoomba (formerly Roseville, Cairns, Croydon,Hornsby, Clovelly , Artarmon, Brisbane, Wahronga, Waitara and Mt Colah)

  3. Rachel Richardson

    Hello I Irene. I have just read the SMH about your past. I congratulate you on your transformation and your bravery. I am not a greens voter. I am not religious. Im a mother and i work full time and i appreciate that we are all different and have had different journeys. Good for you. xx

  4. Carol - Darlinghurst

    Dear Irene – I have just read the article about you in this morning’s SMH. Before this I didn’t know of your existence or that you were running for Lord Mayor. Your gracious stand against whomever the ‘bullies’ are that were seeking to use your background against you is truly inspirational. Know that there are people out in the community who see your courageous battle as one indicating true decency and courage unlike the cowards who are seeking to bring you down. As one of your constituents you now have my vote!

  5. Donna McKinnis

    Congratulations on fighting and surviving your addiction. As a pharmacist who works in this area I see the difficultly people face everyday and the example you are to all of them is great

  6. I admire your courage and dignity in telling your story to the Herald and to Adam Spencer on 702 this morning. I am disgusted by those who would seek to use your past difficulties to discredit you. I hope there are many more people like myself who think your journey to overcome depression and addiction are an inspiration. We need lots more stories like yours to dispel the prejudice and misunderstanding in society. Good luck in your continuing journey.

  7. Lou-Northern Sydney

    I too just read the SMH article and want to congratulate you on your courage in continuing to stand for your beliefs and to thank you for telling your story.

  8. Thank God for your honesty, no one should less of you, if fact there are others out there in politics who are still hiding. It doesn’t affect your ability to do the job.

  9. jeez i
    it’s a long commute from the cross to st mary’s star of the sea
    t in it

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