The UrbanGrowth manual: How to Ruin our City

waterloo metroOn Monday night, Council was briefed on a shocking development plan. UrbanGrowth, a State Government agency, plans to seize control of development for the Central to Eveleigh project, and drastically increase the density around Waterloo.

The City Of Sydney has unique challenges as a Council, in keeping Sydney’s centre sustainable, accessible and well-serviced for a diverse range of people. UrbanGrowth’s plans will undermine this work.

Whilst I would have liked to see a lower density, tighter height restrictions and better design in Green Square, the City’s work has at least ensured that the area will be well-serviced, and has adequate open green space. UrbanGrowth has planned no such thing in their proposal, which seeks to squash in 70,000 people per square kilometre. Currently, the densest area we have is Pyrmont, with a grand total of 14,000 people per square kilometre.

The only way that UrbanGrowth can manage this is to remove the land from the hands of Council, which operates under the Local Environment Plan – a document that was endorsed by the community. If UrbanGrowth seize control, Waterloo and the wider surroundings will be ruined – The height of buildings will shade over our streets and our urban canopy and green spaces will be destroyed. Without rapidly expanding community infrastructure and essential services including schools, transport and health services, this community will be under severe strain.

UrbanGrowth have labelled the City’s figures a gross overstatement. It is clear they no longer have the trust of the local residents. I look forward to working with the community to fight this gross overdevelopment.


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