Social Sustainability Policy

social sustainability policy cover photoThe wellbeing and success of all of our citizens is intimately connected. This important fact should be at the front and centre of any government policy but our federal and state politicians remain keen on picking winner and losers in their policy making.

Through the development of a Social Sustainability Policy the City is attempting to explicitly place important values such as equality and inclusion at the centre of policy making. While I’m pleased with the intention of this policy it will require significantly more development to make it a strong and effective policy.

The policy and discussion paper are currently on public exhibition until the 17th May. I strongly encourage all interested parties to engage with this process and make a submission to strengthen the City’s resolve.

What is significant about this policy is that it specifically states that diversity is our strength and the reduction of inequality is the strongest measure of our society’s success. The sense that we are ‘all in this together’ is a value long absent from our neo-liberal driven public debate.

These values will be important when navigating the future challenges that the era of climate change will present but we will need clearer strategies in order to achieve these ambitious goals.

I welcome your feedback on this important draft policy.


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