Expanding Sydney’s Creative Spaces

expanding sydneys creative spacesThe lack of creative spaces in the City of Sydney has been a problem that has hampered Sydney’s creative output for some time. As part of our Creative Policy the City is turning its attention to the barriers that prevent creatives from finding and utilising spaces in our city. As a result the Creative Spaces and the Built Environment Discussion Paper is now on public exhibition.

The paper examines some of obstacles preventing the adaptation of existing buildings for creative use, including the Building Codes and other regulatory processes. While these planning instruments are there to ensure public safety, they lack the flexibility needed for the cultural sector.

Sadly, like many of the City’s great initiatives, action on this issue is not in the City’s hands alone and will require real commitment from other levels of government. While the discussion paper is unable to suggest a concrete course of action it is the start of a very important conversation with the creative sector and local government. I hope this process will provide us with a clear direction and actions we can take to alleviate this issue.

I really encourage anyone who is active in Sydney’s creative sector to make a submission here: http://sydneyyoursay.com.au/creative-spaces-built-environment


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