Supporting community protest on Westconnex

westconnex modelI was glad to see my Notice of Motion in Council was supported on Westconnex last week. It supports the vast public efforts of community protest and ensures that the public is kept up-to-date on any further Westconnex works that may affect residents at large. With State Government being so unwilling to do any genuine consultation, the burden has fallen onto Councils to ensure that the public are updated on all works as soon as possible. The City of Sydney have demonstrated the importance of this in supporting this Motion.

As shown in the SGS response to the released Business Case, Westconnex Authorities are reporting a very inaccurate and highly misleading analysis. Their statistics have been disproved, yet still they forge ahead, without comment.

Meanwhile, the public response against Westconnex is getting bigger and bigger. We are seeing the response span further out, with residents from the Western suburbs speaking up. It never has been the exclusive problem of the City of Sydney. It is a problem for everybody, and we all must respond. It continues to present many issues, through the environmental destruction it will cause, the health issue of poor air quality, the acquisition of homes all along the route, and of course the massive financial costs ($16.8 billion currently) that will suck every rate payer dry, taking away money that could be spent on schools, public transport and health.

I will keep backing the community to stand up to this monstrosity,

You can see my Notice of Motion HERE.


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