Animal Welfare Conference

7457ThumbnailLast month I had the privilege of hosting a range of animal welfare organisations and activists in Town Hall prior to their historic animal welfare conference.

Amongst the participants were representatives from the Helen Woodward Animal Center, which is one of the largest animal welfare providers in the United States. The event and subsequent conference was an opportunity for animal welfare activists to network and share knowledge.

During my time on Council I have worked with a number of animal welfare activists who are committed to improving the lives of abandoned companion animals, especially stray cats. Australia has the highest pet ownership in the world but, sadly, there are a small number of companion animal owners that are not responsible. These animal welfare activists perform an important public services with no government support at all. They spend significant amounts of their time and personal funds to re-home abandoned animals.

Here at the City we support responsible pet ownership through the provision of free dog obedience classes and an annual pet day with low-cost de-sexing and microchipping services. For more information on the City’s work with companion animals you can contact the City’s Companion Animal Officer on 9246 7290.


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