Waterloo Metro Station

waterloo housing towers4000 public housing tenants will be forced to move under the Baird Government’s plan to build a metro station at Waterloo. The Minister has given a commitment that residents will be returned to the area when the redevelopment is complete. This will be little comfort to inner city housing residents who have witnessed the eviction of tenants from other parts of inner Sydney, including Millers Point.

The announcement of the new station means that Sydney University will no longer get a metro station. Although I am supportive of an expanded public transport network I have serious concerns that the decision to build at Waterloo was informed by a desire to rapidly expand development in the area. In short, the community of Waterloo will become a developers’ paradise.

As many know, I have been active in the Redfern/Waterloo community for over a decade now. Over that time I have seen an enormous amount of work gone into community development. I fear that the disruption of re-development will be a setback for this vibrant but vulnerable community.

I will be scrutinising these plans closely to ensure that public housing remains in Waterloo.


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