Redfern Mural Community Meeting

40000 years mural redfernThis month I am seeking an update from the Lord Mayor as to when the draft Mural and Street Art policy will be coming to Council. In the interim, plans are progressing for the update of Redfern’s 40 000 years mural. Artists from the Aboriginal community gathered together on Friday 13th November to discuss the project. One of the outcomes of the meeting was a clear desire to see more murals and street art in the community. Jason Wing, the artist behind the Kimber Lane project called for the City to support more murals and street art across Redfern.

Public art is an important part of a living city. Culture, identity and creative expression should have a strong presence in our day to day lives and, for this reason, I am very supportive of expanding our support for public art. I was disappointed to see that the grant application for more murals at Kings Cross station was unsuccessful. I am hopeful that the new policy will be faithful to the City’s Cultural Policy by opening up opportunities for new street art and murals that celebrate our city’s living culture.


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