Paris, Beirut, Terrorism

paris beirutI am so saddened by the news of the senseless attacks that have occurred across the world recently. News reports have given us detailed coverage of the events in Paris, and continue to shine the spotlight on the city in mourning. News on the aftermath of the destruction in Beirut and Nigeria is less clear, however. Terrorist attacks happen far and wide, and they are equally ruinous wherever they hit.

I recently visited the city of Paris upon a trip to Europe, and I have a great affection for the city and the culture.

I stand for our connection across the world, across our different cultures and religions and appearances, towards a common humanity. We cannot beat a threat to this concept by reacting in militaristic fear, and while the people responsible for these heinous acts must be accounted for, war is never the answer. War will only strengthen the divide and give the people who wish to do us harm more allies through our impacts. We must bind together as a global community, to beat the fear that these people want us to feel.

It is challenging to put aside the overwhelming emotions of injustice, but we must use this time to show kindness and care. We can begin this gesture by welcoming more refugees; the people fleeing such entombed violence and danger.


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