Westconnex Disconnects from Environmental Obligations

WestConnexSticker2The community battle against Westconnex rages on under the release of the government’s Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). Merely a token document that seeks to justify its own means, I am left underwhelmed with its scientific reasoning, its research and its promises to deliver a sound and viable project. The government has had ample time to explore the true environmental and social impacts that this project will have. Yet despite the laborious and lengthy document, my questions remain unanswered. We are told that the Westconnex will deliver zero emissions, we will have less traffic, and it will create less pollution. It seems that the document has forgotten that it is a motorway and not a wildlife crossing. These statements shockingly insinuate that it will in fact be beneficial for our environment. I am completely unsatisfied with this Environmental Impact Statement and demand that proper research and scientific analysis be reported in such an important document. I also condemn the Government’s pitiful timeframe for community response.

Meanwhile, we are still waiting for the release of the business case.

Please make your submissions in the short time frame allowed, before October 23, to tell Government that this is an inadequate and poorly prepared document – http://wda.cmail2.com/t/d-l-jjeudd-iyurlditk-p/

To see a copy of my Question on Notice, please click on the below link:




One response to “Westconnex Disconnects from Environmental Obligations

  1. For more info on the site, follow WestCONnex Direct Action on facebook. https://www.facebook.com/westconnexdirectaction

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