The Hope to Beat Climate Change: Paris COP21

Paris Cop21I am looking forward to the upcoming event of Paris COP21 (The Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change), taking place November 30 and December 11. This is a monumental event with global leaders’ involvement, and I am anticipating some real commitment to climate change action – of which Australia must be a part. The people of Sydney, both those who work and live here, take climate change very seriously with 97% wanting Council to take action on it, according to a comprehensive consultation process in 2007. Council responded with what is now the document Sustainable Sydney 2030, and I am proud to work with a Government body that has made a real impact on our greenhouse emissions.

The Lord Mayoral Minutes made recommendations to support the build-up to COP21, including the People’s Climate March and the Australian Climate Leadership. The recommendations include assistance through the provision of Paddington Town Hall for the preparations, and financial assistance to the Contingency fund. It is essential that the City has a strong position of support for this event, and I was happy to support these recommendations.



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