Reviving the City

Martin place renewalThe Environment Committee at the City of Sydney recently detailed the City North Plan, which is on exhibition for a four-week period from September 7. Council is implementing a plan adhering to Sustainability Sydney 2030, which will enliven the public domain space, in large part, around Martin Place. This will involve liaising with many public and private bodies, in an attempt to improve amenity and activate the space as a desirable destination. I am pleased to hear of the plan to line the area with trees, which will add to its appeal immensely. It will also be exciting to see the area include more seating and shade, as well as becoming a hot spot for art and cultural events. I am also looking forward to the opportunities for outdoor dining, a definite attraction. Council must, however, approach this with caution and ensure that any outdoor dining does not impede the wall line, needed as an access point for those who are visually impaired. Providing this is adhered to, I believe the City will give the area the needed boost for Martin Place to become a public drawcard.


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