One Trip for One Price

On October 4, next month, the CBD of Sydney will undergo large-scale construction to allow for the light rail route. This will likely affect all commuters who depend on their city routes, particularly the inner west routes, as bus services will be cut short and changing their routes. Whilst this is a move that seeks to address public transport and patch up our current inadequate system, we cannot disadvantage commuters through the upheaval. We must do everything we can to make this transition as easy and accessible as possible for all public transport users.

Transport_NSW_liveried_(2601_ST),_operated_by_Sydney_Buses,_Bustech_VST_bodied_Scania_K280UB_on_Loftus_Street_in_Circular_Quay_(2)To address this, I introduced a notice of motion on Monday night regarding the need to integrate public transport fares across all modes of transport. The current system allows for free transfers within 1 hour, between the same modes of transport (for example, only from bus-to-bus). The high level of commuter inconvenience must be acknowledged and remedied, as bus services will be stopping short on their route. Whilst the IPART report discusses the possibility of integrated fares, it captures no urgency in the matter, stating only “This change (for integrated fares) is likely to be made before 1 July next year”. We need integrated transport fares to happen from October, to coincide with the sizable disruption that commuters will face. I am very proud to announce that this motion was passed through Council. Now we can begin to put pressure on the Minister for Transport to act immediately, to make sure that commuters will be supported and not financially penalised through this transition.

To view my Notice of Motion, please click on the link below:



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