A Call for Moore Public Parkland

It is so disappointing to see the derisive attitude of State Government towards public land and public benefit, in the announcement of the Moore Park stadium expansion. Yet again, public space is under threat in favour of developers who stampede over the top of community voices. Baird’s Government has announced a $600 million stadium upgrade for the already monstrous sporting stadiums of Allianz Stadium, ANZ Stadium and Pirtek Stadium. This demonstrates very clearly that this government prioritises the commercialisation and the passive consumption of sport. This will not encourage our community to engage in the sports and activities that they love, reducing us all mere observers. They have no stalwart plans to provide for needed increases in community sporting facilities, including soccer fields and netball courts.

The City of Sydney Council has tried to combat the lack of public sporting space in dense areas through Green Square, ensuring that usable fields are included in the design. This is sadly lacking in State Government plans, with priority in design focused on car parking and car access. The proposed 4 storey car park is reported to facilitate an extra 3000 cars. A cave of cars is not what I want to see dumped on our precious parklands, and I hope that this government realises that it’s not what the community wants either.



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