Ashmore Estate Development

ashmore developmentCouncil has received two development applications for the Ashmore Estate area, which is bounded by Coulson Street, McDonald Street and Mitchell Street. Like many of the big developments that loom over City of Sydney residents, this is of concern to me, due to the likely impacts upon the charming village atmosphere of Erskineville.

This large scale development will completely change the community feel of the area by building accommodation that will cater for another 6000 people. Without any additional infrastructure in place, it is undeniable that this will have an impact on the area, and residents are justifiably concerned. The public transport system will be further drained with such a high injection of new residents, and amenity will decrease. The recent change to the 308 bus route, as well as the reduction in train service times demonstrates a lack of understanding of community needs, and I am dubious of how well the area will accommodate such an influx.

Further to this, there is no quota for affordable housing included in these developments. It is imperative that when developers promote growth, that they use the opportunity to enable access to housing for the people who have the most difficulty gaining it. The failure to do so for such a large proposal as this is completely unacceptable.


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