Alexandria Hotel Update

alexandria hotelThank you to all those who wrote to me with their concerns over the planned demolition of the historic and much loved Alexandria Hotel.  The City has now placed an interim heritage order on the Hotel. The order will temporarily list the site under the Heritage Act for six months from 28th July 2015. I congratulate the work of local community groups, in particular, the Alexandria Residents Action Group. The City has received 476 individual submissions and four petitions with a total of 1024 signatures.

The interim order will give the planning unit time to further assess the value of this building and see if it warrants listing as a heritage item on the City’s Local Environment Plan (LEP). The new owner of the site is able to appeal the interim heritage order in the Land and Environment Court. They have already lodged an appeal against a ‘deemed refusal’. This is a process where, if Council takes longer than 40 days to approve a development application, an applicant can take Council to the Land and Environment Court on the assumption that the delay will result in a refusal.

I congratulate Council staff on their work to ensure that the City’s heritage is protected. We will know soon when the Court will hear this case.


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