Energy Efficiency Master Plan Finalised

city at nightI am so pleased to announce that Council supported the Energy Efficiency Master Plan during Monday night’s Council meeting. Currently there is growing concern in the community and around Australia with Government’s lack of action around environmental concerns, with two in three Australians reportedly wanting climate change to be taken more seriously. The Federal Government’s contempt for energy and solar is increasingly alarming, and this was therefore an imperative stand for the City to take.

The energy efficiency master plan creates a strengthening of building codes and regulations, embodied in the residential building code BASIX and the commercial building code NABERS. The master plan discusses methods to obtain energy efficiency within buildings that are practical and are able to be followed with minimal inconvenience, prove to be cost-effective and produce environmentally superior results. I am proud that the City has stood up for our future. We must continue to be always vigilant and look for better ways to live in environmentally friendly spaces.

In addition, the City has also just approved the Residential Apartments Sustainability Plan. Many of the actions in the plan require work with other levels of Government but there are some elements of the Plan that include connecting building owners with specialist sustainability advice and opening a recognition scheme for building owners and managers. This plan forms part of a suite of sector based plans which I am pleased to endorse.


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