City’s Climate Adaption Strategy

whale in the harbourThe latest climate modelling for Sydney shows a future of long summers, more severe and frequent heatwaves, sea level rise, more severe storms, drought and greater rainfall variability. The Climate Adaptation Strategy builds on the City’s existing work to prepare Sydney for the unavoidable impacts of climate change. The Strategy has been developed by a broad range of experts and takes a whole-of-organisation approach to these issues.

Some of the practical measures in the Strategy include upgrading of seawall infrastructure, flood management work and a heatwave response plan. The City has also developed plans for bushfire situations where, although the LGA is unlikely to be directly threatened, air pollution and the shift of emergency services to the fire front have serious implications for inner Sydney. These crisis action plans are also supported by long term actions to improve air quality such as improving cycling infrastructure .

While much of the Strategy cites programs and master plans already underway it demonstrates the City’s comprehensive approach to the coming environmental, social and technological challenges that climate change presents. Although there is always more that can be done, this Strategy will help give us direction and confidence in an uncertain future.


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