Eora Journey

redfernAs many communities and community groups continue to strive to close the gap on indigenous disadvantage across the country, the Eora Journey stands as one of the City’s key points of focus of needed support for our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. This is the City of Sydney’s primary point of action to address indigenous disadvantage, and has been successful in promoting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders’ cultural, economic and social sustainability across the City.

The City’s report focuses on the outcomes of the working group, and I am happy to confirm the report is looking to endorse the establishment of an Eora Journey economic development working group. This consists of a group of staff and representatives from the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Panel, who are able to guide the actions of the economic development action plan. With this endorsement, the Eora Journey should be able to continue its excellent work in supporting our indigenous people through the outlined cultural, economic and social focus.


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