Housing in Urban Growth projects

c2e mapSince the City of Sydney entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with UrbanGrowth NSW on 28 July 2014, I am yet to be convinced of any truly collaborative efforts on UrbanGrowth’s behalf. Since approaching Council with an overview of the Bays Precinct development site at the last Planning Committee, I have seen no genuine attempts to address public housing shortage, despite UrbanGrowth’s Housing Diversity Study, which has been undertaken with the assistance of City staff. Meanwhile, public transport options through the Bays Precinct area seem to be of minimal concern, and my request to UrbanGrowth regarding the community’s desire for a skate park in the Bays Precinct was met with unfamiliarity. This suggests a concerning lack of community engagement, and leaves me questioning where UrbanGrowth’s loyalties lie.

While the City has requested the inclusion of an affordable housing target for Central to Eveleigh, there has been little indication of any targets for public housing, a necessity for any major development across Sydney. This must be assessed as a priority for such an impacting project, and it would be deplorable to forego an opportunity to provide the adequate amount of public housing of which Sydney is being increasingly starved. I will continue to represent the community’s interests and speak for our indispensable need for public housing.

There will be a forum at Carriageworks on 5 May to discuss housing diversity in Central 2 Eveleigh, please book a seat. Click here to see the flyer.


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