CBD and South East Light Rail

george st light railConstruction for the much anticipated CBD Light Rail is now scheduled to begin in October this year instead of the original April 2015 commencement.

City of Sydney staff have been liaising with RMS to facilitate the construction and I understand that some of the CBD cycleway construction will be re-scheduled to fit in with the Light Rail timeline.

This change means that CBD buses will now remain in their current routes until September when they will commence their alternative routes to fit in with the construction. City of Sydney staff will be liaising with local businesses to assist in mitigating the construction impact.

While I am a strong supporter of the Light Rail I remain concerned about the route the light rail will take through Devonshire Street in Surry Hills. Since the initial announcement of the route Minister Berejiklian has been unwilling to reconsider alternative options.

My Greens colleague Cr Mora Main from Waverley Council is also closely examining the impact of the eastern part of the route. As more details of the construction emerge there are strong concerns over the impact on Centennial Park in terms of tree loss and flood risk. A more recent revision of the route has been undertaken to benefit the Randwick Racecourse and Moore Park venues. The section along Alison Road between Anzac Parade and Darley Rd has been moved into Centennial Park to accommodate the racecourse whilst sections of public parkland at Moore Park will also be lost in an effort to minimise the effect on the stadium and showground. Not only will the public lose public parkland but hundreds of trees are also in the firing line.


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