A Big Green result

140914_MillersPoint_14_web_IreneandJennyI want to congratulate all the Greens candidates and campaigners across the State for their extraordinary efforts this election. I am thrilled to see the return of my colleague Jamie Parker to the seat of Balmain and the election of Jenny Leong to the new seat of Newtown. I have known Jenny for a long time and I’m looking forward to working with her on issues in our local community. It was heartening to see Jenny record good results in my home suburb of Redfern, especially at the Redfern Town Hall booth.

Congratulations also to new Greens MP Tamara Smith in Ballina. Her result is a sign to the Baird Government that the people of NSW don’t want Coal Seam Gas.

At the time of writing it is too early to tell whether Adam Guise will take the seat of Lismore or if Justin Field will be successful in joining the NSW upper house with John Kaye and Mehreen Faruqi. Whatever the outcome they have run a fantastic campaign and I look forward to working with them for a more compassionate and sustainable future.



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