Affordable Housing in Southern Employment Lands

southern employment lansdThrough the challenges of a growing population and ever-surging living expenses, the City of Sydney has come up with a plan to meet the evolving needs of the community through the re-zoning of southern employment lands. It is promising to see the City’s response to these concerns and the commitment to providing affordable housing.

As outlined by City of Sydney, the goals of these controls are to align the City with our contemporary needs, including balancing the competing short and medium term needs of flexible industry and business, and the long term protection of employment land. This will be realised through the IN1 Industrial Zone, protecting the ‘traditional industrial’ uses.

Amidst these controls, I commend the City for its commitment to providing residents with affordable housing in the B7 Business Park zone, balancing the need for this type of accommodation with the requirements for a thriving employment area. This will enable a healthy and diverse community to unfold, whilst considering critical uses for the industrial land and ensuring its protection, and enabling a socially mixed community to live in the inner city area. The move to take existing industrial land and allow for residential zoning exclusively for affordable housing demonstrates the City’s understanding of the housing crisis that Sydney faces.

Whilst affordability in the inner city is becoming an increasingly alarming issue, the City has executed a brave move to begin to tackle a very real concern.


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