Victoria Park gets a renovation

victoria parkThere are some great improvements in the upgrade plans for Victoria Park that are before Council this month. I am pleased to report that staff have recommended that the site of the sacred fire, which was set up 15 years ago during the Olympics as part of the Aboriginal tent embassy, will be preserved.

City staff have been in discussion with my Greens Colleague Waverly Councillor Dominic Wy Kanak about the preservation of the site where Uncle Ted Gubbo Thomas placed a spear into the ground as part of connection to country during the 2000 Olympics. The proposal ensures that no paths will cut across this site. The City will also research potential for dual naming of Victoria Park which is another important part of recognising the significance of Victoria Park to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and, specifically, the Gadigal clan and the Eora people.

Other upgrades will include new paths created to replace areas where thoroughfare tracks have been worn in the grass and a new active space with a netball ring. Additional indigenous plantings will also be added around Gardeners Lodge Café as well as new wetland plants in the lake. I am particularly pleased that there will be work done on the water quality of Lake Northam, particularly since over 100 ducks have died in the lake in the past few years.

It is expected work will commence in December 2015.


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