Energy Efficiency Master Plan

central park imageThe Energy Efficiency Master Plan completes a suite of energy related masterplans that will support the City’s Sustainable Sydney 2030 goal of a 70% emissions reduction target. This Master Plan seeks to reduce the amount of energy used by buildings by 31% against 2006 levels. To date the City has already achieved a 5% energy use reduction and a 9% emissions reduction, again, against 2006 levels.

The Master Plan recommends a range of measures for all buildings in the local government area. Another key goal of the plan is to double energy productivity by 2030. The ‘energy productivity’ is calculated by dividing GDP by the level of greenhouse gas emissions.

I am really pleased to support the Master Plan. The good results in emissions reduction the City has already achieved are all the more impressive when you consider that they have occurred in a time of significant business and residential growth.

Disappointedly, one of my Liberal colleagues has indicated he will not be supporting the Master Plan, citing a theory that the planet is cooling. It’s sad to see ideology trump common sense. Even on economic grounds this Master Plan is a winner with a projected net saving of $208million by 2030.

I look forward to hearing the feedback from the public consultation.


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