New Children’s Bike Track for Sydney Park

sydneypark bike trackAs part of the Sydney Park Master Plan the bike track at Sydney Park is set to be replaced by a childcare facility. This month we are considering a new concept design for a relocated bike track facility. This is an excellent opportunity to improve on the original concept. Under the new concept plan this much enjoyed facility will be redesigned to cater for a range of abilities and ages. It is anticipated that formal cycling education programs will continue on this upgraded facility.

While the current site of the bike track will become home to a new childcare facility the new bike track will feature wider paths and new challenges for children. The facility will also be designed to accommodate all abilities under the City’s Inclusion (Disability) Action Plan. The amenity of the area surrounding the facility will also be improved through the installation of picnic areas and new lighting.

I am most excited about the proposed new ‘Wetland Explorer’ feature which will provide an interactive educational experience through the use of signs and paths. Community feedback indicates that there is strong support for this element.

I am hopeful that once this project is underway we can move forward with plans for a skate park facility. I have been a long time campaign for new skating facilities in the City and feel it would complement the other facilities available in Sydney Park.

Sydney Park is a facility I feel we can be proud of at the City of Sydney. I supported the Sydney Park Plan of Management earlier this year but I am concerned about the impact that the Westconnex will have on the City’s plans for this space. There has been some discussion that the new motorway will see a 12 metre strip of the park lost along the length of Euston Road. I have a Notice of Motion coming up at the December meeting which calls on City staff to further interrogate the proposed motorway’s implications for the park.


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