NSW Govt removes anti-corruption measures in Local Government

handshakeThis month I am calling on Council to oppose the Local Government Amendment (Red Tape Reduction) Bill 2014 which is currently being debated. The bill will remove the requirement for tenders over $150 000 to be passed by Council, placing large tendering approvals in the hands of a small number of staff. Contracts below $250 000 will no longer need to go through a proper tender process. While I have no reason to doubt the integrity of City staff or the City’s commitment to proper process, the basic democratic principle of transparency is at stake.

I find it extraordinary that a Government who has played a starring role in countless ICAC hearings, and has seen the resignation of a Premier and other members of Parliament, would be bold enough to weaken anti-corruption measures in this way. The public has the right to know how we make decisions about spending money. It is critical that there is an open and transparent process to select the individuals and organisations we do business with. These new measures contradict ICAC’s recommendations for consistent and accountable tendering structures.

You can read my Notice of Motion here.


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