Millers Point Heritage Conservation Area

millers pointThe preservation of the City’s heritage is an issue dear to my heart. While we continue to fight for the rights of the public housing residents in Millers Point, I am pleased to see the City has take additional steps to ensure that the historic buildings that are part of this community remain intact. Many of the 293 properties being sold by Housing NSW in Millers Point are heritage items. More broadly Millers Point in its entirety is a heritage item of great significance. It is one of the few areas left that have been largely unaltered by contemporary development. Many properties date back at least 80 years and some are much older.

These proposed changes to the Local Environment Plan (LEP) which will come before Council on Monday will remove the height and floor space ratio controls so that they match that of the existing buildings. In effect this will prevent new owners from adding extra stories or large extensions to their heritage properties.

I will continue to work with the Millers Point community to preserve its living heritage but in the face of a ruthless government it is important that we also work to protect the heritage of the built environment.


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