Eco Mobility Workshop

141029 Eco Mobility WorkshopEarlier this week I had the pleasure of opening the Eco Mobility Workshop on behalf of Council. The workshop involved a number of City Transport staff and transport planners from around the world to discuss how we can promote sustainable transport solutions in a way which benefits the environment and our health.

The Eco Mobility Alliance involves twelve cities from around the world and provides an excellent opportunity for cross cultural collaboration.

Sydney is a place where huge opportunities exist to expand active transport options. The City has already done extensive work on promoting cycling and walking, however, I feel this is just the beginning in terms of what we can achieve.  Today 29% of City residents walk to work. While this is encouraging I note that the City’s parking policy is remains one of the most contentious policies amongst our local residents. Certainly I acknowledge that for some in our city car travel is essential, however, we need to raise the viability of going car-less within our city through public transport, cycleways and pedestrian friendly areas.

This week plans for the George St Light Rail begin to take place as transport planners map out construction on our main street. This is an important step in making our CBD pedestrian friendly and I am looking forward to seeing it take shape over the next few years


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