One Vote One Value

one vote one value rallyOn Saturday 6th of September the City of Sydney hosted a rally to voice our opposition to the Baird-Shooters Party attack on democracy. The proposed bill to give two votes to every business who owns, leases or sub-lets in the City must be stopped so that residents can continue to have a voice in Council. Hope has presented itself this week when the Coalition cancelled a forthcoming debate on the bill in the Parliament.

It is too early to speculate on what amendments the Government may be considering but it is a sign that community pressure to stop this blatant Gerrymander is working. This latest move by the Government comes in the wake of the release of an independent report into the voting system at the City of Melbourne. Under a similar system proposed by the NSW Shooters Party, businesses in the City of Melbourne are also allowed two votes. The review has recommended an end to the practice of double voting for business.

The Shooters’ Bill has been condemned by The Greens, the Lord Mayor, Member for Sydney Alex Greenwich and NSW Labor. We will continue to work together to have this bill stopped.

For those of you that haven’t signed the petition I urge you to do so. You can access the petition, flyers and further information on David Shoebridge’s website

You can also write to the Premier here:


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