Naming proposal for Green Square

Earlier this year the City placed three options on exhibition for the naming of Green Square Town Centre. Based on community feedback Council staff are recommending that Green Square Town Centre be classified as an urban place known as Green Square.

An urban place is not a suburb but is still used as a place name in the same way the name Kings Cross is used. Urban Growth NSW had initially requested that Green Square Town Centre become a suburb in its own right. Many people who provided feedback indicated that while they weren’t opposed to the use of the name Green Square, they didn’t want to loose the history contained in the names of their existing suburbs.

The Green Square Town Centre takes up part of Zetland and a small portion of Alexandria. It sits inside the much larger Green Square Urban Renewal area which also takes in parts of Waterloo, Rosebery and all of Beaconsfield.

It is becoming common practice for big developers to lobby for their urban developments to become suburbs like the current request by Mirvac to call Harold Park a suburb. Both these naming proposals are on public exhibition and we are seeing strong opposition from local residents to the idea of creating new suburbs. Most people prefer the idea of an urban place to recognise the new developments. This is also supported by the City Historian.
green square map



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