Affordable Housing in Harold Park

haroldparkbuildingThe long promised affordable housing as part of the Harold Park development will be discussed again at this month’s Council meeting. Last month, Mirvac, the developer of the site transferred land to the City for the provision of 60 affordable housing dwellings including housing for seniors and people with a disability.

Over the coming months I will be taking a close look at how the process of setting up a community housing provider unfolds. Under the proposed procedure the City will open up a Request for Proposals from Community Housing Providers. The land will then be sold on to the preferred provider and the proceeds of that sale will be used for future social housing projects. I will be seeking further details on the proposed land sale and how it aligns with previous social housing projects in the City.

Talks between the City and the Community Housing sector have revealed that there is unlikely to be a provider who is willing to establish a facility for aged care or people with disabilities. However, the City will require any provider to meet universal design principles to ensure that the dwellings will meet the basic needs of seniors and people with disabilities on a self-care basis. I am looking forward to seeing the outcome of the Request for Proposals when this issue next comes to Council.


One response to “Affordable Housing in Harold Park

  1. 1. The City of Sydney has taken City West low cost accommodation units from Pyrmont to South Sydney Hospital for affordable housing some 160 from memory now the developers should be integrating these in the unit developments not a stand a lone. By there is still units owed from the development known as “Jacksons Landing” “Centeral” etc find out how much is in that fund.
    2. Having seen inside “Common Ground” and the accommodation is bed sits with on suits not much room and the City of Sydney/housing in Bay street Glebe plans show 2 meters by 1.5 meters as low cost housing ie shoe boxes I believe this is shameful as it says your got a roof over your head now shut up! No room for friends art working or any thing except eat sleep wash and thats it folk

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