Graffiti Spaces

graffiti perfect match mural marrickville

My Notice of Motion for Graffiti Spaces was amended, and we are expecting the graffiti and street art policy to come to the City of Sydney Council in the next cycle. Genuine support was observed by the Councillors, and we are looking forward to seeing this unravel in the not-too-distant future. This is a significant step to ensure that we increase ‘creativity in the public domain’, as the City’s Cultural Policy outlines. Please see the amended item below:

Graffiti amendment


One response to “Graffiti Spaces

  1. Yjis has been on the agenda for over 4 years now ! The problem is the woman in charge of ART for the City. She and I have locked horns several times at several forums as she stated that “Graffiti is not art!” She see her self as the most knowledgeable person and refuses to agree that “Banksey” is an artist she stated several times that “It is nothing but vandalism!” On Melbourne’s street art “Well if they want vandals defacing their walls that’s their businesses but Sydney is not about to have any of that here it is not art it is vandalism.!” She is foot dragging in hope a new council will replace the current one as has happened last election and it all starts again !
    Cripes Clover stated 4 years ago that there would be a lane way for street art. I was told it would be next to the Centeral development now under way (Council street works.)

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