Greens initiative inspires novel recycling idea

Envirobank at International Grammar School















Back in 2009, I put forward a Notice of Motion for the Envirobank Reverse Vending Machine, which encourages people to recycle on a reward-based system. The innovative machine allows people to deposit any recyclable plastic or aluminium drink container, and then sorts and crushes the material for recycling. The idea is then to reward the recycler through a “small gift or charity donation”.

If we consider that the South Australian container deposit levy, based on reward, has achieved 90% recycling rates, compared to the 40% recycling rates nationally, it is obvious what we must do to encourage an environmentally-conscious city. I have pushed for this as an important initiative to increase ease of recyclability, and as a way to thank people who do recycle. Recycling can be a confusing business, with different bins which only allow certain materials, however with the Envirobank Reverse Vending Machine, we are ensured that our recycling efforts are put to use.

Another initiative that I put forward to Council was to address the e-waste, through recycling stations which accept a range of electronic items including mobile phones, tablets, batteries and light bulbs. Given our highly technological age and the overturning of technology products, it is clear that we need a better system to cope with the discarding of e-waste.

Inspired by the Kyoto model, which focuses on location, timing and collection of e-waste, I have pushed the City to adopt the recycling stations in central and prominent locations, starting with Town Hall House. This is a necessary step to ensure that our environment keeps up with our technological advances.

These are important steps for the City. They are in line with our environmental goals, and put a positive and enabling spin on recycling. Considering the nation’s reluctance to recycle, we obviously need a better system to encourage people. The Envirobank Reverse Vending Machine is just the thing we need to further our green footprint, while e-waste recycling stations give our environment a fighting chance amidst our technologically booming era.
See article below regarding the City’s actions on my motions:


(Above is a photo of me at the launch of the Envirobank Reverse Vending Machine at the International Grammar School in 2009)




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