No confidence in Abbott rally

noconfidenceabbottrallyI am pleased to announce that on Tuesday 24th June I will be a speaker at the “Sydney says no to Abbott” rally at Belmore Park near Central Railway Station.

The Abbott Government has been one of the most destructive governments in living memory. The recent budget has radically changed the role of government for the worse by ending the right to universal healthcare and access to a basic income safety net for all Australians. I am pleased to represent the Greens at this rally and to speak for all Australians who care about equality and honest government.

In our campaign to stop the Abbott Government’s attack on everyday Australians it is important that we also hold the opposition to account. I urge those taking part in these protests to also contact their local Labor MP or ALP leader Bill Shorten to remind them that the community does not support this ideological attack on the sick, young, disadvantaged and unemployed.

You can find details for the Sydney event here.


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