Sydney Park’s new Plan of Management

sydney park




The Sydney Park Plan of Management brings together all the City’s plans for this community asset into one document. Being one of the largest parks in the LGA it has been possible to service the needs of a wide section of the community with this space whist still honouring the park’s history. Some of the offerings detailed by the Plan of Management include the City Farm with potential farmers markets, an improved cycling centre and plans for new childcare facilities.

I welcome the fact that conservation of the historical brick kilns is included in the plan, something that I’ve called for before but I understand that there is a community of homeless people who live around the brick kilns and I will be calling for sensitivity when dealing with the disruption to these people.

The Euston Rd Depot section of the park has been identified as a potential site for a much needed skate park for the area. I have been calling for the construction of new skate parks across the City for a number of years now and I will be pushing for this proposal to be realised in consultation with Sydney’s skater community.


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