Draft Waste Treatment Master Plan

garbage binsThe Draft Advanced Waste Treatment Master Plan aims to prevent 95% of the City’s waste from going into landfill and will be a key plank in the City’s environmental strategy. The waste could be redirected into a process where it will be converted to renewable gas. This process is projected to replace all of the City’s natural gas use and will make a significant contribution to the City’s greenhouse gas reduction targets.

As part of the Master Plan the City has undergone a thorough analysis of a number of processing methods designed to meet the goals of the plan. This is the first step in making these goals a reality. One of the most significant challenges for this project is for Council to secure a suitable site that could handle an advanced waste treatment plan which is located near transport links and the gas network. This is a big but not impossible hurdle to clear. While the project will represent a significant cost to the organisation the rising cost of landfill and state government waste tax will eventually see the City being an economic beneficiary of this plan. I will keep a close eye on this issue and welcome your feedback.


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