Abbott to cut independent housing research body, declaring housing problems ‘solved’

northcottMore bad news has come from the federal government this week with the announcement that Prime Minister Abbott intends to axe the National Housing Supply Council, an independent body established to advise the government on housing availability and affordability.

With homelessness on the rise and quarter of a million households on the public housing waiting list Abbott’s statement that the body was redundant and that the ‘problem is solved’ will be seen as bitterly out of touch with the struggles of many Australians suffering from housing stress. It is also in stark contrast with Abbott’s colleagues in the NSW state Liberal government whose main justification for imposing unpopular new planning laws is centred around the need to improve housing supply and affordability.

Sadly, this seems like another case of the Abbott government trying to make an inconvenient problem go away by ignoring it.  One of their first acts was to fire the body that provided advice on climate change because the information being provided didn’t fit with their political ideologies, and now it seems the government with no Housing Minister and no policy on housing is doing the same with Australia’s housing crisis.

For more information, check out this brief article by Greens federal housing spokesperson Scott Ludlum.


2 responses to “Abbott to cut independent housing research body, declaring housing problems ‘solved’

  1. They’ll fix Australia’s healthcare crises next by abolishing medicine.

  2. Well they’ve also fixed climate change and opposition to the Creationists by abolishing Science. God Help Us. 😛

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