Standing strong against Zoe’s Law

zoe's law protest

Greens MLC Mehreen Faruqi, Independent MP Alex Greenwich and I, along with other supporters, at a rally opposing Zoe’s Law

On the weekend I joined with fellow Greens and other supporters of social justice to protest against ‘Zoe’s law’ a Bill introduced into state parliament by a Liberal MP that, if passed, will amend the Crimes Act by classifying an unborn foetus as a person.  This change would restrict a woman’s right to choose how to respond to an unwanted pregnancy and put women who decide to have abortions into a perilous legal situation – an additional burden that no one needs while going through such an emotionally harrowing experience.

It was good to see so many passionate individuals come out to oppose what civil libertarians, woman’s groups and senior legal organisations all consider to be unnecessary and concerning laws.  With such passion behind the campaign we are very hopeful that this right-wing ideological move wont become law in NSW.


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