Still fighting for refugee rights

refugee speech 2013I’m not sure how many times I’ve posted here about the latest rally for fair treatment of refugees that I’ve attended, but over the many years that I’ve been involved with this cause the situation has continued to get worse.  Thus on the weekend I attended yet another rally after being asked to speak to represent the Greens by the Refugee Action Coalition.

This latest rally comes as the new Liberal government begins to implement its agenda of establishing a military campaign against desperate asylum seekers, many of whom are fleeing places like Afghanistan that were torn apart by the military campaigns of our last Liberal government. It came two weeks after the party that spent every day in opposition publically proclaiming each asylum seeker boat suddenly declared there would be a media blackout on the issue now they were in government.  It came just days after at least 50 asylum seekers drowned after Australian authorities allegedly ignored their distress calls and Tony Abbott was filmed running from the press when they tried to ask him about it.

It comes at a time when the situation facing refugees is worse than it has ever been and can’t be ignored.

The text of the speech I gave at the rally can be found here while footage is online here.


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