David Suzuki issues a timely call to arms

suzukiThis week the City presented the latest in its popular City Talk series, with a presentation and discussion from legendary Canadian scientist and environmentalist David Suzuki.  Dr Suzuki has spent his life researching and educating the public on the effects that humans are having on our planet and his latest visit to Australia couldn’t be more timely.

While many environmental organisations these days speak in a muted fashion about the various crises facing our planet, likely as a result of political pressure from those who would deny these problems for their own ends, Suzuki calls it as he sees it what he sees should be cause for concern to anyone who listens.  He has declared that Tony Abbott’s plan to repeal Australia’s modest carbon pricing system would doom future generations and has warned that our new government looks like it will begin controlling access to scientific information in order to suit its agenda, just as the right-wing government of Canada currently does.

While listening to statements like these may make many people uncomfortable, they are part of an increasingly troubling reality that we all must face.  Rather than ignore statements such as these we should consider them a call to arms to all people of environmental conscience, to fight for a better world where these troubling statements no longer reflect reality.


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