New planning laws a Hazzard

hazzard tape 3

State Greens MP David Shoebridge, Federal Greens candidates James Ryan and Dianne Hiles and I outside state parliament wrapped in Hazzard tape

This morning I joined with community groups and fellow Greens to surround state parliament with ‘Hazzard tape’ highlighting the dangers posed by the NSW Government’s proposed new planning system.

The brainchild of the highly effective Better Planning Network  the tape is being used around the state to demonstrate opposition to the new laws that will deny residents the right to have a say on 80% of development applications and make consideration of environmental and social impacts a lower priority than economic development.  People are placing it on their fences and it has also been used to wrap up the offices of a number of Liberal MPs, including Premier Barry O’Farrell.

In response to a recent taping in Newcastle planning Minister Brad Hazzard was reported to have said that the government is open to reviewing the proposals.  However with the Bills to legislate for the new system due to come before parliament as early as next week the government seems to be running out of a time to fix the mess of a system they’ve created.


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