Greens launch campaign then head out to support marriage equality

mariage equality 2013

Myself with Greens leader Christine Milne, state MP Mehreen Faruqi, senate candidates Cate Faerhmann and James Ryan and others rallying for marriage equality

With the Federal election less than a week away yesterday was a big day for those concerned about progressive politics in Australia.  After an inspiring launch of the Greens NSW campaign most of those present marched out to join a a loud and colourful rally for marriage equality at Sydney Town Hall.  With one major party promising nothing more than a repeat of its previous failed conscience vote on marriage equality and the other stuck in a 1950s mind set of what constitutes a family the Greens are the only choice on September 7th for a society that recognises all love as equal.  For more information, check out our policy policy page on LGBTI equality.


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