Keeping Place still without a home

Irene and Gordon

Gordon and I at the opening of his exhibition at At The Vanishing Point gallery.

I recently had the privilege of being invited to attend the opening of a small exhibition by renowned Aboriginal artist Gordon Syron at Newtown’s At The Vanishing Point gallery.  It was great to see some of Gordon’s fantastic works on display but sadly, once this short exhibition is over, all the works will go back to being shuffled around from one temporary storage space to the next as they have been for most of the last three years.

Gordon and his photographer wife Elaine have spent much of their lives assembling an amazing collection of traditional and contemporary Aboriginal art known as the Keeping Place and until 2010 it was on display in its own gallery in Redfern.  Sadly after that point the state government department which owned the building forced the Keeping Place out and since then it has been without a permanent home.

At the same time as the Keeping Place collection has languished in storage grand promises have been made about an Aboriginal cultural centre at Baranagroo, something currently conspicuously absent from Sydney’s otherwise comprehensive art and cultural scene.  Yet no one has put two and two together and given any hope to the Syrons that the Keeping Place will get a chance anytime soon to return to it’s rightful place – proudly displayed to the public.

Thus the search for a new home for the Keeping Place continues.


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