2013 and still fighting for marriage equality

This past weekend I was once again asked to represent the Greens at a rally for marriage equality.  While I am flattered that I am often asked to speak at such events I’m also saddened that these rallies are still necessary.

marriage equality rally 2013

Myself and Karl Hand, Pastor of the Metropolitan Church and active member of Community Action Against Homophobia (CAAH) rallying for marriage equality.

Since I spoke out in favour of marriage equality at a similar event last year New Zealand and France have added themselves to the growing list of nations that recognise all love as equal, a list that the leaders of both our old major political parties still shamefully prohibit Australia from joining.

A Bill from Greens deputy leader Adam Bandt to legislate for marriage equality looks set to be voted on in the House of Representatives on the 6th of June and I would urge everyone concerned about this issue to contact their local MP and ask them to support this important change.  The speech I gave at the rally, with more information about the Bill and the continuing fight for equality, can be found here.


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