Greens candidate arrested trying to participate in debate

USA Greens presidential candidate Dr Jill Stein

While the Greens in Australia have long had difficulty getting fair coverage from the mainstream media and are dramatically outspent at each election by the old parties, cashed up on corporate donations as they are, at least we fare better than in the USA.

For a country that prides itself on being a shining example of democracy its electoral system, which varies from state to state even for federal elections, has significant problems.  One of these problems is the extreme difficulty that candidates outside the two major parties have in being allowed to appear on a ballot at all.  The system in much of the country seems to be set up to exclude anyone outside the two rich and powerful parties from even putting themselves forward, let alone get elected.

This came to a head yesterday when the Greens presidential candidate Dr Jill Stein was arrested for supposedly blocking traffic while trying to attend the “candidates debate” (which of course featured only the two major party candidates).  More details can be found in this article by Care2.

As the circus of the presidential election rolls on, and the two mega-rich candidates battling it out to be the least-bad potential president hog all the attention, I know many Australian’s will be cheering on Jill Stein and the American Greens as they push to get across their important message of sustainability and social justice to a nation that very much needs to hear it.


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